What is your policy on customer supplied parts?

Before you buy parts, give us a call and we can discuss what you need. Our ASE-Certified technicians are here to help. We pride ourselves on quality work and that includes quality parts. We prefer not to install parts that a customer brings to our facility. If you do want to supply parts, please understand that the cost of labor will be included if we have to correct any problems caused.

Can you tell me what is wrong with my car over the phone?

In most cases we cannot accurately diagnose your vehicle over the phone. Your vehicle is an extremely complex piece of machinery that requires hands on testing and inspection. Because every scenario is different.

Are Saab®s and Volvo®s expensive to own? What's the average service cost?

Saab®s are the cheapest European car to own and service, then Volvo®, VW®, BMW®, Jaguar® and Audi®. Mercedes® & Porsche® are the most expensive. Our average Saab/Volvo® customer spends $1000 a year in service, including tires.

The salesman at the dealership I purchased my new vehicle from said that if I have you work on my car, it will void my warranty. Is this true?

False! Consumers are entitled to have their cars serviced wherever they choose. Always read your warranty to understand what constitutes a covered service item. As long as detailed records are kept (as we do here for all of our customers) and the service intervals are met with genuine parts, your warranty will never be void.

How often should I have my vehicle serviced?

It varies from model to model, but as a general rule you should change your oil every 3 – 4 thousand miles and perform the annual recommended factory scheduled maintenance. Generally vehicles need to have a minor service every 10,000 miles and a major service every 30,000 miles. This will keep your car running properly, and also help catch problems before they turn into anything serious.

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